The Pizza Place on Noriega

The Dimitri Pizza

12 servings
$1.91 / serving
The Dimitri Pizza

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one pizza, 12 servings

The Dimitri Pizza by The Pizza Place on Noriega is a frozen pizza featuring a delicious combination of sausage, Zoe’s pepperoni, garlic, mushrooms, tomato sauce, and cheese. Perfect for family pizza night, this pizza offers a savory and satisfying pizzeria experience at home.

Ingredients: Unbleached enriched flour, water, olive oil, salt, sugar, yeast, tomatoes, olive oil, sunflower oil, salt, oregano, granulated garlic, black pepper, citric acid , mozzarella, provolone, fontina, pecorino romano, Zoe's pepperoni (contains pork and beef), mushrooms, sausage, fresh garlic, olive oil.

Contains: milk, wheat. 

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The Pizza Place on Noriega
San Francisco, CA
The Pizza Place on Noriega serves hand-tossed, brick oven-baked pizzas inspired by the flavors of the East Coast. Crafted with care and authenticity, these pies feature thin crusts, flavorful sauces, premium cheeses, and a variety of mouthwatering toppings. Combining East Coast style with West Coast ingredients, every slice promises a taste of home.Read more