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Organic Chicken Corn Dogs

10 count
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Organic Chicken Corn Dogs

Product Details

10 corn dogs, 26.7 oz

The Organic Coup Organic Uncured Chicken Corn Dogs is a nostalgic and delicious treat that will transport you back to fun-filled memories. These organic corn dogs are quick and easy to re-heat, making them a convenient choice for a snack or a meal on the go. With each bite, you'll be reminded of carnivals, fairs, and those cherished trips to the mall food court.

Ingredients: Organic batter ingredients: (organic wheat flour, organic cornmeal, organic cane sugar, organic soy flour, organic egg yolk, sodium acid pyrophosphate, baking soda, organic nonfat dry milk, sea salt, organic eggs whites, organic guar gum), water, fried in organic soybean oil. Uncured chicken frankfurter ingredients: organic ground chicken, organic sugar, organic corn starch, water, 2% or less of each of: sea salt, organic paprika, organic garlic powder, organic onion powder, cultured celery powder, organic spices, sodium alginate casings.

Contains: wheat, milk, egg, soy.

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About The Producer

The Organic Coup
San Francisco, CA
The Organic Coup sources from local farms like Mary's and Rosie right here in California. The chickens are raised on a certified organic, non-gmo, vegetarian feed. On organic farms where extra space and access to the outdoors is mandated. Read more