The Good Chocolate

The Good Chocolate

San Francisco, CA
The Good Chocolate makes delicious zero-sugar in San Francisco, a city with a rich culture of delicious food, fresh ideas and willingness to challenge the status quo. They started in a tiny Alamo Square kitchen when Ben, one of the founders, was actively seeking to cut sugar from his diet. He stumbled upon erythritol, a natural organic sugar substitute which turned out to be a fantastic sugar alternative: zero calories, zero glycemic index, and no unwanted side effects. Ben started experimenting with making zero-sugar chocolate. He shared some with his friend and business partner, Miki, and they decided to create a zero-sugar chocolate company. The Good Chocolate uses 100% organic ingredients to make dark chocolate that's just as sweet and delicious as a standard chocolate bar, but with lower carbs and about half the calories. They're dedicated to making delicious & sustainable zero-sugar chocolate for people seeking a healthy lifestyle with a touch of something sweet.
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