Taverrite's Make It Italian

Taverrite's Make It Italian

Alamo, CA

Taverrite's Make it Italian is a brand that has been making traditional Calabrese-style Italian sausages for over 70 years. Founded by Dominic and his two brothers, Tony and Joe, in a small town in upstate New York, Taverrite's started as a small butcher shop and grocery. The friendly brothers were known for their banter, sincerity, and the pride they took in their work. Their old-world style of doing business earned them a reputation in the area, and their Calabrese-style Italian sausages were legendary, known for being the best in town.

The Taverrite formula for success has always been simple: quality ingredients, lean cuts of pork, and fresh spices. Customers counted on it to be the same every time, and it was. And is. Even the Italian families with their secret sausage recipes came in to buy Taverrite's sausages. The Taverrite brothers' motto, "Do what you know, make what you love," continues to be central to the Taverrite's brand today.

Skip ahead a few decades, and the Taverrite tradition of sausage-making continues seamlessly. Taverrite's Make it Italian offers clean, authentic, and traditional products with a master ratio of spices and lean ground pork shoulder. The brand takes pride in using quality ingredients and lean cuts of pork, making sausages the old-fashioned way without adding sugar, gluten, dairy, egg, soy, nuts, MSG, nitrates, or sodium lactate. Taverrite's Make it Italian sausages are perfect for those who love authentic, traditional flavors and appreciate a healthy and clean eating lifestyle.

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