Tacos Everywhere

Tacos Everywhere

Berkeley, CA

Tacos Everywhere officially began producing their salsas during the pandemic in response to a glut of chilies & peppers that needed to be preserved in addition to eating better at home. They make their salsas by hand in Richmond, CA using ingredients sourced directly from farms, businesses, and producers in their foodshed. They source and partner with local farms for everything they use with the exception of a few special chilies (Oaktown Spice Shop), sea salt from Mexico (Marisal), and an organic high-oleic sunflower oil from Montana.

Tacos Everywhere dogmatically make foods with a focus on high integrity producers, farms, and people. They aim to make their salsas be a small piece in the larger chain of production to sustain local farms, heirloom seeds, and healthy communities. All of their products are developed to last before and after opening. We generally suggest using them not only on taco night and breakfast, but also with foods of all provenance.

To make vibrant food, condiments and salsas to elevate food while showcasing ingredients that support our local food system.

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