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Swanton Berry Farm

Flat of Organic Chandler Strawberries

12 pint
$0.36 / oz
Flat of Organic Chandler Strawberries

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12 pints per flat
It may only be the beginning of April, but we won't stop you from going for the full flats. Whether you've got a party of people to feed or want to get an early start to this berry season's preservation projects, these Chandler strawberries from Swanton Berry Farm will give you 12 pints of delicate and complexly flavored berries.

They're currently sending us some of their berries from second year plants, meaning that the berries can tend to be a bit smaller, but just as delicious. These berries, along with everything else that Swanton grows, are Food Justice Certified by the Agricultural Justice Project.

Please note: because the Chandler is such a delicate variety, we recommend that you consume, process or freeze them within a day or two of delivery.  We also suggest that you keep them in the fridge until an hour or two before you plan on eating them.Swanton picks their strawberries for us the morning of their afternoon delivery, and we send them out within two days of our delivery to ensure that you get these delicate berries while they're still fresh! The berries that you generally see in clamshells at the supermarket may be able to last much longer at home, but that comes at the expense of flavor. They're picked for long shelf life and shippability, instead of flavor!

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Swanton Berry Farm
Davenport, CA
Swanton Berry Farm grows Strawberries, Brussels Sprouts, Artichokes and other crops on the Central Coast. They're CCOF organic certified, Food Justice Certified by the Agricultural Justice Project, and unionized under the United Farm Workers AFL-CIO.Read more