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Florist's Choice Spring Tulip Trio

3 bunch
Florist's Choice Spring Tulip Trio

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3 bunches, approx. 10 stems per bunch, approx. 10-15" tall

Thomas Farm's tulips are grown outside, instead of in a greenhouse, so they've weathered the elements and are all the stronger for it.  You can expect them to be bolder, bigger and last longer than your average supermarket Tulips coming from South America or Sun Valley, California.  And because Thomas Farm's flowers are all organic, you can rest assured knowing the mainly year-round employees who prepped the fields, planted the crop and harvest the fresh cut flowers are safe from the harmful pesticides used in most cut flower production around the world.

Note: This Tulip Trio will include three bunches of Organic Tulips, but because we're happy to allow Thomas Farm to harvest for us whatever decides to grow the quickest, we can't guarantee which color(s) you'll receive!

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Sun Valley Floral Farms
Arcata, CA
Sun Valley Floral Farms, nestled in Arcata, California, amidst Humboldt County's ancient redwoods and the Pacific Ocean, specializes in premium fresh-cut flowers. Known for their bulb crops like tulips, lilies, and iris, Sun Valley provides a diverse range of high-quality, Rainforest Alliance-certified sustainable flowers with nationwide distribution.Read more