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Original Saba Banana Chips

6 oz
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Original Saba Banana Chips

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6 oz resealable bag
Sun Tropics' Original Saba Banana Chips are made with saba bananas, one of the most beloved and most widely cultivated banana varieties in the Philippines. They're more like a plantain than like the Cavendish bananas most common in American supermarkets, so this version has a bit of cane sugar added for a sweeter snack. Munch away straight out of the bag, fold into trail mix or crumble on top of ice cream sundaes; there's no wrong way to enjoy these banana chips.

Ingredients: saba bananas, cane sugar, coconut oil.
Contains: tree nuts.

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Sun Tropics
San Ramon, CA
Sun Tropics was founded in 2002 to fulfill a vision of bringing the best fruits and flavors from the Philippines homelands to kitchen tables and pantries in the USA.Read more