Sun Tracker Farm

Sun Tracker Farm

Guinda, CA

Sun Tracker Farm is a 10-acre Organic farm that was established in 2016 by Carine and Robert Hines. We grow annual fruits and vegetables, and raise pastured poultry for eggs. The fertile soils, rainy springs, and hot summer weather of our climate allow us to grow diverse crops including potatoes, lettuce, and oh-so-sweet melons. The main focus of our food is on quality of flavor and the sustainable practices with which it is grown and raised. All our produce is grown from seed in our greenhouse, and then transplanted to our fields. Sun Tracker Farm chooses varieties packed full of flavor and often delicate in size.

Sun Tracker Farm is located in the beautiful Capay Valley of Northern California, in the small town of Guinda, on a property bordering Cache Creek. The Capay Valley truly has an incredible rural community, one that is rare to find in modern California. We are all “neighbors”, and we all support each other despite our different backgrounds, professions, and interests. But the greatest part of living in the Capay Valley is being a part of a wild ecosystem of plants, insects, and animals. Every day on our farm we see beautiful wildlife, from a bald eagle soaring over the creek, to clouds of dragonflies hunting the skies, to Asclepias plants hosting monarch butterflies.

Customers will be most excited by the quality of flavor in our produce. Flavor in produce is a direct result of farming practices. Because we are a small family farm, each crop is individually cared for and harvested when perfectly ripe. In addition, our no-input, regenerative farming practices translate to sustainably-grown and delicious produce.

Our farm is certified Organic, and boasts healthy soils from an integrated farming approach that uses pastured poultry, compost, cover crop, and crop rotation. Our only inputs into the soil are compost and gypsum minerals. Instead of using Organic fertilizers to increase production of our crops, we focus on building the health of our soils so that the nutritional needs of our crops are met in a self-sufficient regenerative farm.

Sun Tracker Farm takes up only part of our larger 28-acre property that borders the Cache Creek. Our land is a haven for wild flora and fauna. We believe the answer to growing high quality produce, in a sustainable manner, is to grow healthy soils. Our farming practices always center around their effect on the soil and its microbiota.

As Sun Tracker Farm grows into its land, we firmly believe in the need to look ahead seven generations as a guiding principle to assess the sustainability of our farm. Farming is a healing endeavor for the land and rural communities so that all members of our society can access healthy, affordable food.

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