Suntory Whisky

Toki Suntory Whisky

750 ml
Toki Suntory Whisky

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750 ml, 43% ABV

Introducing Toki Suntory Whisky, a delightful symphony of flavors. With a clear gold hue, its nose captures basil, green apple, and honey notes. The palate unfolds with hints of grapefruit, green grapes, peppermint, and thyme. The finish is subtly sweet and spicy, featuring vanilla oak, white pepper, and ginger. This versatile whisky is perfect for enjoying during holiday celebrations, special occasions, or casual sipping. Elevate the festive spirit by sharing this exquisite whisky as a thoughtful holiday gift, adding warmth and sophistication to the joyous moments.

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Suntory Whisky
Tokyo, Japan
Suntory Whisky, a renowned Japanese distillery founded in 1923, stands as a pioneer in the world of whisky. With a commitment to precision and innovation, Suntory produces a diverse range of whiskies celebrated for their distinct Japanese character.Read more