Sugar Beak Bakery

Sugar Beak Bakery


~ Satisfy your "sugar beak" with our healthy and homemade vegan treats ~
Vegan, organic and full of fresh produce, plant-based protein, fiber, and omega-rich seeds, nuts and grains.  Made with no added refined sugar or preservatives.  Most of our products are also naturally gluten-free. 

We at Sugar Beak Bakery are baking enthusiasts, fans of hiking, lovers of anything & everything French, devoted vegetarians, entrepreneurial, animal-lovers, eclectic, health-conscious, active, vintage-inspired, energetic & most happy experimenting in our home kitchen. 

What started out as a need to healthily satisfy a very strong sweet tooth, or "sugar beak" as the French say (le bec sucré), expanded into a full cottage food operation to bring our favorite, all-natural, fortified, healthy and vegan treats to you. 

We want everyone to be able to satisfy their “sugar beaks” & nourish their bodies at the same time.

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