Ponzu Sauce

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Ponzu Sauce

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This ponzu that Suehiro makes is top notch! They use a blend of four different Japanese citrus: Yuzu for aroma, Sudachi for acidity, Daidai for sweetness & Yukou for mildness. The floral/citrus fragrance of this ponzu is out of this world. It does not stop there as the beautiful flavor of the citrus is balanced by the soy sauce & mirin. This is further elevated by the umami from the Ma Konbu dashi that Suehiro adds to this product. Use this with raw fish, veggies, mayonnaise (personal favorite), noodles, etc.

Please refrigerate after opening.

Ingredients: dark soy sauce (water, soybean, wheat, salt, alcohol), citrus juice (yuzu, citrus sudachi, bitter orange, yukou citrus), mirin (rice, rice koji, brewing alcohol, starch), konbu dashi (water, kelp), sugar

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Tatsuno City, Japan
Suehiro Shoyu, nestled by the Ibogawa River in Tatsuno City, is an esteemed soy sauce brewery established in 1879. They specialize in usukuchi soy sauce, a light-colored variety with a delicate, rose-hued flavor profile. Suehiro is dedicated to traditional brewing methods, using locally sourced soy and wheat, and contributing to the rich legacy of Tatsuno, the birthplace of usukuchi soy sauce.Read more