Seabold Ginger Beer

Seabold Ginger Beer

Los Angeles

At Seabold Ginger Beer, we never cut corners when it comes to quality. Growing up on Bainbridge Island, Washington, and spending weekends tending to our grandmother’s farm, we gained a true respect for where food comes from. Subconsciously, our family traditions were guiding us toward a sustainable, local, and organic way of eating. Since then, we’ve learned how food affects our bodies, the environment, and the economy, and we feel strongly about making a positive impact on the community.

While traveling throughout India and Southeast Asia in 2010, we both developed an affinity for the distinct spices and flavors of these vast regions. The presence of ginger as a central ingredient in the South Asian diet sparked our interest; its piquant taste, versatility, and nutritional potency were more apparent to us than ever before. We returned home inspired by our experience and set out to find a beverage that showcased the complexity of ginger.

Months of research led us to our answer in the form of an old-fashioned British recipe: ginger beer. As our appreciation for this classic beverage grew, we searched around grocery stores and farmers’ markets for the perfect taste. Frankly, we couldn’t find it. So we set out to make it. Seabold Ginger Beer is our interpretation of this timeless ginger beverage.

Several years and countless batches later, we’ve crafted a drink that captures the flavor profile and health benefits of this marvelous root. We source only the finest organic, non-GMO ginger, lemons, cane sugar, and spices to brew our ginger beer. Down the hatch!

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