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Absinthe Verte

750 ml

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Absinthe Verte

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750ml, 60% abv
St George's Absinthe Verte is a heady, herbaceous smack to the senses. It opens with flavors of spicy black licorice, evolving into citrus and grassy notes and a bit of sarsaparilla (the "root beer" flavor). Dense and rich with essential oils, it’s viscous on the palate. 
To bring out another level of vivid flavors and a lovely louche (milky cloudiness) that seems to glow from within, add a single large ice cube or a bit of water. Adding water releases more botanical oils into solution, deepening the louche and intensifying the heady, floral aroma.

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St. George Spirits
Alameda, CA
Since St. George Spirits was founded in 1982, they've grown from a dedicated eau de vie distillery into a diverse operation that makes a range of craft spirits.Read more