Stepladder Ranch

Ten Small Hass Avocados

10 count
$5.64 / lb
Ten Small Hass Avocados

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Approx. 4.25 lb per 10 count
These delicious Hass avocados are the best. We ripen our fruit naturally without the addition of gas or hormones in our happy coastal microclimate to create exceptionally flavorful and creamy avocados. To get to you, our avos hop on Highway 1 and turn left on the 101. From there, it's a straight shot to your plate!

In order to get you your avocados in the best condition possible, we'll generally deliver them to you a few days away from being at peak ripeness. To expedite the ripening process, leave your avocados in a paper bag at room temperature.

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Stepladder Ranch
Cambria, CA
We are a family farm on the Central Coast specializing in the creamiest, richest avocados.Read more