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4 oz
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This Alpine-style cow's milk cheese from Stepladder is the perfect cheese for any meal. Nutty with a hint of sharpness, it's perfect for a cheese plate, with fruit, or even used in a grilled cheese!

 pasteurized cows milk, salt, calcium chloride, cultures, rennet.
Contains: milk.

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About The Producer

Stepladder Creamery
Cambria, CA
Stepladder Ranch was founded in 1871 and has been family-owned and operated for three generations. Our creamery is simply an old idea reimagined. About 100 years ago, our ranch was a part of the Harmony Valley Creamery Association, a network of immigrant Swiss and Italian dairy farmers that grazed cattle on the lush coastal valleys of San Luis Obispo County. This Association was born out of a drought that forced ranchers to rethink how to make a living off of their land; a concept quite similar to the current situation we find ourselves in today.Read more