Stemple Creek Ranch

Grass-Fed Beef Tongue

2.75 lb
$9.49 / lb

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Grass-Fed Beef Tongue

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2.75 lb, arrives fresh
While we'll admit it's not the most glamorous cut, beef tongue is considered a delicacy in cultures around the world for a good reason: it tastes incredible! This richly marbled cut is ideal for slow-cooking and yields tender, nearly melting meat that's unbeatable for tacos, burritos, and more. For step-by-step guidance, we suggest checking out Simply Recipes' instructions here.

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About The Producer

Stemple Creek Ranch
Tomales, CA
Stemple Creek Ranch is a family-owned and operated cattle ranch in Marin County, California. They raise all-natural, organic, grass-fed and grass-finished beef there just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.Read more