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Almond Croissant

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Almond Croissant

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** Given the nature of this item, it is only available for Bay Area customers **

Our hand shaped croissants are made using a 48 hour process and feature organic flour and European style cultured butter. Buttery, flakey and light in texture, our croissants have an open honeycomb center.  

Our almond variety is filled with a roasted almond cream made from slow-roasted almonds, butter, sugar and eggs.

INGREDIENTS: Unbleached Flour (Malted), Water, Cultured Butter, Sugar, Butter, Almond Meal, Sliced Almonds, Eggs, Powdered Sugar, Non-Fat Milk, Powder, Salt, Yeast, Dark Rum, Barley Malt, Egg Yolks

Please place larger orders 72 hours in advance. If you have any questions please email Good Eggs Community Care at [email protected]

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