Plant-Based Goat Cheese

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Plant-Based Goat Cheese

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Vegan, paleo, keto-friendly, and totally plant-based: Spero's "The Goat" Plant-Based Goat Cheese has all the flavor and texture of real goat cheese. It's complex and aromatic, with that distinctive tangy "goatiness" that makes it a true kitchen staple. Use it anywhere you'd turn to a goat cheese: spread it on bread and into sandwiches, stir it into pasta, soups, and stews, use it to top salads, or dish up with wine and crackers.

Ingredients: sunflower seeds, water, coconut oil, salt, natural flavors, cultures.
Contains: tree nuts.

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San Jose, CA
Spero makes delicious, sustainable plant-based cheese that's packed with protein, antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, and plenty of great-for-you probiotics.Read more