Sow Fresh Juice

Sow Fresh Juice

San Francisco, CA
Sōw, pronounced /sō/ (as in to plant or scatter seeds in or on the earth) is a California inspired fresh juice company.  We specialize in carefully crafted, organic and in-season produce, herb and flower combinations made fresh to order and only work with the best of in-season ingredients, sourced directly from California growers.  

We're excited to share our passion for the beauty and breadth of California flora by making juice - fresh to order - at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Thursdays (10am-2pm) and Saturdays (8am-2pm) as well as for delivery around the Bay through Good Eggs!

**Our juices are made fresh the same day they are delivered and are best enjoyed within 24 hours.  And the Almond Cream is slightly sweeter and more creamy than your typical almond milk, best enjoyed within 48 hours of delivery.**

- Luisa and Derek

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