Souvla Wines Trio

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Souvla Wines Trio

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Three wine bottles

The Souvla Wines Trio brings the vibrant flavors of Greece straight to your glass. This curated selection includes the Souvla by Alexakis Winery Greek White Wine, the Souvla by Domaine Skouras Greek Red Wine, and the Souvla by Domaine Skouras Greek Rosé Wine. Each bottle captures the essence of Greek winemaking traditions and showcases the unique characteristics of the region. Whether you're savoring the crisp and refreshing notes of the white wine, indulging in the rich and velvety red wine, or delighting in the delicate and fruity rosé wine, this bundle is a true celebration of Greek wine culture. Perfect for pairing with Mediterranean cuisine or enjoying on its own, the Souvla 3-Wine Bundle is an invitation to experience the delightful flavors of Greece.

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San Francisco, CA
Souvla is a group of fast-fine Greek restaurants inspired by the casual souvlaki joints found throughout Greece.Read more