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Chicken Salad w/ “Granch” Dressing & Mizithra Cheese Kit

4 servings

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Chicken Salad w/ “Granch” Dressing & Mizithra Cheese Kit

Product Details

Active time: 30 mins, Total time: 45 mins. Makes 4 servings.

This exclusive salad kit includes California seasonal produce, slow-roasted chicken, Souvla's irresistible "Granch" dressing, and everything else for you to make their wildly popular chicken salad just like they do at their restaurants! This incredible salad includes oranges, fennel, pea shoots, pickled red onions, and Mizithra cheese. This signature kit makes 4 large, entree-sized salads along with some leftovers.

Contains: milk, sesame.

What You Get

Romaine Lettuce

Slow-Roasted Mediterranean Half Chicken

Pickled Red Onions



Souvla Granch Dressing

Mizithra Cheese

Pea Shoots




What You'll Need

Olive oil

Mandoline (for the fennel, but a sharp knife works too)

Salt and pepper (optional, if desired)

Step 1

Begin by making the marinade for the chicken. In a small bowl combine 2 minced cloves of garlic, 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil and the whole lemon juiced (watching for seeds). Remove the plastic lid from the aluminum tray and place the tray in a 350 degree oven for 5 minutes (this will make it much easier to pick). Remove and mince the skin, pick the chicken meat into large bite size pieces and place in a bowl. Toss gently with the marinade and set aside.

Step 2

Remove the stems from the kale (the thick center rib that runs the entire length of the kale leaves). Cut kale and romaine into equal bite-sized pieces and wash very well. Spin or pat dry. If desired, keep the kale stems for another use (we love to dice them, sauté and add to our favorite pasta dish).

Step 3

Trim the stalks from the fennel (you can use the stalks for stock or soup and the fronds in the salad if you like). Wash the fennel bulb then cut in half lengthwise (top to bottom). Place the bottom cut side on the mandoline and very carefully shave. Repeat this process for the second half. Set aside for later. (a sharp knife or food processor fitted with a thin slicing blade works as well) Pro tip - store fennel in cold water for up to 3 days, this way it doesn't dry out and oxidize.

Step 4

Segment the oranges by first cutting off both ends so it sits flat on the cutting board. Stand the orange upright and with the knife cut downward to remove the peel and the pith (following the natural curve of the orange). Once the peel is removed you can easily see the membrane between each segment. Slice on each side of the membrane to remove the segment. Continue until each segment is removed and set aside for later.

Step 5

Cover the chicken with foil, place in the oven and heat for 10 minutes — then mix. Cover again with foil, return to the oven and heat through, for another 10 minutes. *note that you can also reheat the chicken in the microwave by heating on high for 2-3 minutes - do not use foil if using the microwave.

Step 6

While the chicken is warming, place four big handfuls of the lettuce mix (1 handful per serving) in a mixing bowl, add 2-3 heaping tablespoons of Granch, a few tablespoons of olive oil and a pinch of salt and and gently mix to coat.

Step 7

Lay out the bowls and build your salads by the following order: Dressed romaine & kale, ½ cup shaved fennel (add more if desired), ¾ cup warm marinated chicken, ¼ cup orange supremes, 2-3 tablespoons pickled red onions (add more if desired), 2-3 tablespoons pickled red onions (add more if desired), 3 tablespoons Mizithra cheese (add more if desired), ¼ cup pea shoots (add more if desired).

Step 8

Add additional Granch and an extra drizzle of olive oil if desired. Serve immediately.

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