Smith & Cross

Jamaican Rum

750 ml
Jamaican Rum

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Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum is an invitation to embark on a rich and vibrant journey through the heart of the Caribbean. This rum is a testament to the traditional Jamaican methods of crafting spirits, where the artistry of the distillation process shines through.

With its bold and unapologetic flavor, Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum is a true expression of Jamaican character. It is a blend of pot still and traditional column still rums, delivering a unique combination of fruity and funky notes, with hints of tropical fruit, banana, and spicy oak.

Whether you're sipping it neat to fully appreciate its complexity or using it to elevate classic cocktails, Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum is a versatile and exciting addition to any bar. It's a taste of Jamaica in a bottle, inviting you to savor the island's history and heritage with every sip.

Unleash your adventurous spirit and explore the essence of Jamaica with Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum, where tradition, authenticity, and flavor converge in a bottle.

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About The Producer

Smith & Cross
London, England
Smith & Cross, a name rooted in centuries of history, is an heir to one of England's most enduring legacies in the realm of sugar and spirits. With origins dating back to 1788 in the vicinity of London Docks, this illustrious brand has deep connections to the handling and refinement of Jamaica rum. Today, Smith & Cross proudly carries the torch as the successor in trade to Smith & Tyers and White Cross, both renowned partners with a shared heritage spanning generations under the stewardship of Hayman Distillers.Read more