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Spicy Red Radish Kimchi

14 oz
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Spicy Red Radish Kimchi

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These crisp chunks of daikon radish kimchi are a dream for crunch-loving kimchi fiends. Vegan and gluten-free, the savory umami flavor comes from seaweed rather than fish sauce! Pair Spicy Red Radish Kimchi with any dish, from roasted or steamed fish to rice bowls and grilled veggies. This raw and probiotic food is full of flavor and goodness.

Ingredients: radish, yellow onion, green onion, red pepper powder, sugar, sinan sea salt, garlic, ginger, brown seaweed.

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Sinto Gourmet
San Francisco, CA
In Korean, the saying "Sinto buri" (신토불이 in Korean) translates to "body and soil cannot be separated." Chef Hyunjoo, the founder of Sinto Gourmet, believes that this means our bodies and spirits are at their best when eating foods that grow on the soil we live and work on.Read more