Sightglass Coffee

Organic Blueboon Blend Coffee Beans

12 oz
$1.74 / oz
Organic Blueboon Blend Coffee Beans

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12 oz, whole coffee beans

Indulge in the harmonious delights of Organic Blueboon Blend Coffee Beans. This meticulously crafted blend is designed to offer a well-balanced and versatile experience, showcasing the inviting flavors of milk chocolate, citrus, and stone fruits. With seasonal variations, the coffees within this blend are always fresh, ensuring a delightful balance of sweetness, body, and acidity that is perfectly calibrated. Each sip is a journey of pure satisfaction, where the CCOF Certified Organic beans deliver both quality and sustainability. Immerse yourself in the comforting notes of milk chocolate, the vibrant zest of mandarin, and the delicate allure of honeysuckle. Experience the captivating magic of Organic Blueboon Blend, a testament to the art of exceptional coffee.

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About The Producer

Sightglass Coffee
San Francisco, CA
Sightglass Coffee is a quality-focused coffee brand that originated from a humble service cart in San Francisco's SoMa district. Founded by brothers Justin and Jerad Morrison in 2009, their dedication to sourcing and sharing distinctive coffees led them to open a production roastery, unconventional coffee bar, and community space in a warehouse. After a decade of success, they expanded to Los Angeles, where their flagship location in West Hollywood offers a restaurant, bakery, and carefully curated specialty goods. The brand takes its name from the 'sightglass,' a viewing window on a vintage PROBAT coffee roaster, symbolizing their commitment to transparency and connecting coffee lovers to the wider world through the story behind each cup.Read more