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Whole Milk Vanilla Icelandic Yogurt

4.4 oz
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Whole Milk Vanilla Icelandic Yogurt

Product Details

4.4 oz
Rich, creamy, and packed with 12g of protein, Siggi's Whole Milk Vanilla Icelandic Yogurt is great at any time of day, whether you're getting a healthy breakfast on the table before hustling off to work and school, packing lunches to-go, or keeping away those pre-dinner hunger pangs. Made with flavorful whole milk and real Madagascar vanilla, this is a great execution of a classic style.

Ingredients: pasteurized whole milk, pasteurized cream, organic agave nectar, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, fruit pectin, live active cultures.
Contains: milk.

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New York, NY
Siggi's yogurt is always thoughtfully made using just simple ingredients, not a lot of sugar, and a fun, seasonal range of flavors!Read more