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Whole Milk Strawberry Drinkable Yogurt

8 oz
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Whole Milk Strawberry Drinkable Yogurt

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Rich, creamy, and packed with 8g of protein, Siggi's Whole Milk Strawberry Drinkable Yogurt is kid-friendly without being too sweet for the grown-ups, portable, and super delicious. With sun-ripened summer strawberries, live active cultures, and Siggi's flavorful, tangy yogurt as a base, these grab and go drinkable yogurts make a perfect breakfast, fit easily into school lunches, work fridges, and snack packs, and help to keep away the pre-dinner hunger pangs. 

Ingredients: pasteurized whole milk, strawberries, cane sugar, fruit pectin, live active cultures (s. thermophilus, l. delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus,l. paracasei, bifidobacterium spp., l. acidophilus.
Contains: milk.

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New York, NY
Siggi's yogurt is always thoughtfully made using just simple ingredients, not a lot of sugar, and a fun, seasonal range of flavors!Read more