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Sierra Nevada Cheese

Graziers Raw Milk Jalapeño Jack

8 oz
$0.81 / oz
Graziers Raw Milk Jalapeño Jack

Product Details

High in omega-3s and CLA, Grazier's Raw Milk Jalapeño Jack has a spicy, peppery flavor from locally sourced red and green jalapeño chiles in buttery, silky Monterey Jack cheese. Snack on it, melt it onto nachos, use it in recipes or pile it high on sandwiches. You can't go wrong with this crowd-pleaser cheese.

Raw milk products are not recommended for very young children, pregnant women, or people with compromised immune systems.

Ingredients: raw cultured whole milk, jalapeño chilies, sea salt, vegetarian enzymes.

Contains: milk.

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Sierra Nevada Cheese
Sierra Nevada Cheese Company in Willows, CA strives to create the best tasting dairy products by keeping true to our philosophy: a clean ingredient list, coupled with traditional methods.Read more