Sun Dried Lil' Apricots

Yolo Farmstand

Sun Dried Lil' Apricots

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Sun Dried Lil' Apricots

Notes From The Producer

Our sun dried ‘Lil Apricots have a mega sweet & tangy flavor. They are the Royal Blenheim variety which have a long history in California as the queens of apricots. Our growers, Good Humus Produce, have been certified organic farmers in Capay Valley since 1977 . We take their apricots, re-hydrate them to a chewy texture and then cut them into bit-size bits. Great snack for kids of any age.

Ingredients: organic apricots

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1.5 oz - Packaged in a resealable, reusable zip bag for your convenience.

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Yolo Farmstand
Guinda/San Francisco
We provide the best tasting organic dried fruit and nuts grown in Northern California. These are healthful snacks with absolutely nothing added- no salt, no oil, no sugar- and they are gluten-free. Read more