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Unbleached Napkins

100 count
Unbleached Napkins

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13" x 13", 100 count
World Centric's 13" x 13" Unbleached Lunch Napkins are made from wheat straw fiber, which is derived from the stalks of wheat plants (no protein, gluten, or allergens, which are contained in the grain of wheat). They're unbleached, preventing toxic dioxins from entering the environment and food chain, and easily compostable in industrial facilities or at home. Whether you're packing lunches to-go or setting the dinner table, Unbleached Napkins make cleanup (and clean hands!) a little easier and help prevent the use of paper napkins derived from virgin wood pulp.

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World Centric
Petaluma, CA
World Centric creates high quality certified compostable products and strives to be a model of sustainability by supporting grassroots organizations and non-profits. Their mission is to help create a thriving world where everyone’s basic needs are met with a beneficial impact on the environment.Read more