Wholesum Berries

Organic Blueberry 3-Pack (Chile)

18 oz
$0.83 / oz
Organic Blueberry 3-Pack (Chile)

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Three 6 oz container
These plump, delicious and organically-grown blueberries were harvested at perfect ripeness on California soil. They are perfect as fresh toppings on oatmeals, yogurts, pancakes, waffles or cereal for a nutritious breakfast, and are also great for salads or even baked into muffins!

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Wholesum Berries
Amado, Arizona
Wholesum Berries is comprised of multiple family-owned farms with many multi-generation operations with the mission to bring healthy food to tables, from healthy fields. They are a 100% organic grower specializing in Organic Blueberries and Strawberries in different regions--California, Washington, Georgia, and some limited Fair Trade production from Chile.Read more