San Francisco-Style Ketchup

16 oz
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San Francisco-Style Ketchup

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16 fl oz
We make this yummy ketchup from organic, California-grown tomatoes. Unlike other brands that use genetically modified tomatoes ours are GMO-free and full of flavor. And unlike those big brands that use high fructose corn syrup we use cane sugar which makes a world of a difference in taste. Our ketchup is just a tad less sweet than most ketchup which we find too sweet and we add just a touch more seasoning so it is more flavorful. We call this our San Francisco style ketchup because this city is famous for food and our ketchup lives up the the reputation.

Ingredients: organic tomatoes, cane sugar, organic vinegar, sea salt, dried onion and garlic, spices. 

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San Francisco
We are a two man operation. We started off making apricot jam and now we also make bbq sauce and ketchup using locally sourced ingredients from California.Read more