Organic Portabella Mushroom Duo

Monterey Mushrooms via Veritable Vegetable

Organic Portabella Mushroom Duo

2 count
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Organic Portabella Mushroom Duo

Notes From The Producer

Did you know that the Portabella Mushroom is just a Crimini Mushroom that's been given a few more days to grow?  It's got a somewhat earthier flavor and a much meatier texture. Enjoy it grilled whole or chopped up into a stir-fry!

Product Details

0.7-0.9 lb for two large portabella mushrooms, each 4-5" in diameter

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Monterey Mushrooms via Veritable Vegetable
Monterey Mushrooms is second generation, family-owned and operated agribusiness with a passion for excellence in all we do. Monterey’s highly committed and engaged employees work together in high performance teams to develop seeds, grow, harvest, package and distribute quality mushrooms every day. - See more at: Read more