J. E. Perry Farms via Veritable Vegetable

Organic Large Cheddar Cauliflower

1 head
$2.99 / lb
Organic Large Cheddar Cauliflower

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Approx. 1.75-2.5 lbs per head
This beautiful orange Brassica can go in just about any dish.  Crumble raw into a hearty grain salad for a sweet, tangy crunch, or roast up with root veggies for a satisfying winter side.  Cheddar Cauliflower is high in betacarotene and has a flavor very similar to white cauliflower.

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J. E. Perry Farms via Veritable Vegetable
J.E. Perry Farms has been certified organic since 1990. The farm is truly an urban farm located in the center of a growing multicultural urban community. Perry Farms supplies organic produce to large wholesalers, local grocery and farmers markets as well as our on site Perry’s Farm Fresh Produce store.Read more