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Organic Roma Tomatoes

1 lb
$2.99 / lb
Organic Roma Tomatoes

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Approx. 10-15 tomatoes per lb
Roma Tomatoes are a classic sauce tomato. Small, fleshy, and packed with flavor, stew these tomatoes down with garlic and basil for pasta sauce or dice them to use for topping off a salad. They are sweet and tart with a little more umami flavor than a slicing tomato.

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Ellwood Canyon Farms
We are a CCOF Certified Organic farm in Goleta in Santa Barbara County. Our goal is to build a farm that people can connect with and allow our community the opportunity to know their farmers and know where and how their food is grown. Come walk our fields, talk with us about our farming practices, and see and touch the vegetables you will soon eat. We feel by establishing this direct connection people will begin to see the importance of what they are eating and how it is grown, in turn leading to healthier lifestyles, a healthier community and a healthier planet.Read more