Dwelley Farms

Organic Zucchini Trio

3 count
$1.99 / lb
Organic Zucchini Trio

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Approx. 1 - 1.2 lb per trio
Zucchini is a versatile warm-weather veg with lots of nutty flavor. Quick sauté as a side, roast low and slow with plenty of garlic and salt, halve and throw on the grill until slightly charred and full of flavor, or shave raw into a salad.

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Dwelley Farms
Dwelley Farms has been growing in Brentwood since 1921. With a variety of soil types, the Dwelley’s ranch is perfect for growing a large number of crops in fairly small patches. Now a third generation family farm with about 800 acres, the Dwelleys grow apples, apricots, pluots, almonds, cherries, beans and their famous sweet corn. Read more