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Organic Sweet Italian Frying Peppers

0.5 lb
$5.58 / lb
Organic Sweet Italian Frying Peppers

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Approx. 2-3 peppers per 0.5 lb
Heat up that cast-iron and throw in a splash of high heat oil. A few minutes on each side to give these peppers a blister, and a pinch of sea salt to bring out their sweet, savory flavor, and you've got yourself a side dish, a pizza topping or an addition to any hearty grain salad. Take less than 10 minutes from fridge to plate!

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Coke Farms
San Juan Bautista, CA
Coke Farm has grown and distributed local organic produce since 1981. From San Juan Bautista, CA, they both grow their own fruits and vegetables as well as distribute across the country for over fifty neighboring farms on the Central Coast.Read more