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Organic Cherimoya

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Organic Cherimoya

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Approx. 1-3 fruits per lb
Also known as a custard apple, Organic Cherimoya is an unusual and much-beloved fruit that originates from the high altitudes of Central America. It's now grown and enjoyed in tropical regions around the world. Organic Cherimoya has smooth, custard-like flesh that holds a surprising mixture of tropical flavors like papaya, pineapple, mango, coconut, and banana. The leathery green skin can have a gold hue with brown spots and will yield to gentle pressure when ripe. Slice one down the middle and grab a spoon for a delightful snack, avoiding the hard seeds.

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Beck Grove via Veritable Vegetable
Fallbrook, CA
Beck Grove is owned and operated by Helene and Robert Beck in Fallbrook, CA. They are committed to, and take great pride in growing high quality and healthful citrus to offer to California markets.  Veritable Vegetable is a mission driven, organic produce distributor who forms deep, meaningful relationships with growers. We believe in supporting our growers and maintaing visibility for each of the 200+ farms we carry. We are a woman-owned, certified B Corporation, with a dedication to environmental sustainability and supporting our community.Read more