Beck Grove

Organic & Biodynamic Passionfruit

0.5 lb
$17.98 / lb
Organic & Biodynamic Passionfruit

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Approx. 3-5 fruits per 0.5 lb
Tart and fragrant, Organic & Biodynamic Passionfruit is ripe when dark purple and dimpled. Halve the fruit and scoop out the bright pulp; it's all edible, but you can push it through a strainer if you'd like to remove the hard seeds. Try adding the pulp to yogurt or use it to flavor frostings for deliciously tropical desserts.

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Beck Grove
Fallbrook, CA
Beck Grove is owned and operated by Helene and Robert Beck in Fallbrook, CA. They are committed to, and take great pride in growing high quality and healthful citrus to offer to California markets. Read more