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Organic Japanese Sweet Potatoes

1 lb
$2.29 / lb
Organic Japanese Sweet Potatoes

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Approx. 2-4 sweet potatoes per lb
These sweet potatoes have a firm, white flesh! These babies cook a little differently than their orange-fleshed cousins, so if you're unfamiliar read on: while orange sweet potatoes become soft and fluffy when cooked, white sweet potatoes remain dense and firm, making them an excellent candidate for dishes like a breakfast hash, oven roasted sweet potato fries, or chopped into chunks and added to hearty soups or stews.

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A.V. Thomas Produce
Atwater, CA
A.V Thomas Produce started as a small family farm in Livingston, CA. When Manuel Eduardo Vieira purchased the farm and packing shed from his uncle, the farm was about 80 acres of land. Now, A.V. Thomas Produce is the leader in organically grown sweet potato industry, taking great pride in moving sweet potatoes into the hearts and minds of organically minded customers. Read more