Viriditas Farm

Ground Lamb (Frozen)

1 lb
$14.99 / lb
Ground Lamb (Frozen)

Notes From The Producer

Viriditas Farm, located in the beautiful Capay Valley, is certified organic by CCOF. These sheep are a critical part of the soil fertility program on this farm. They have 100 acres of hillside and field crop land to tend. Their primary feed is what grows on this land along with the organic hay that is grown here. I do provide some certified by CCOF organic alfalfa hay and kelp as a supplement. They are humanely handled and left in their natural state (no tail docking or routine castrating). Of course no hormones, pesticides or antibiotics, as I have been an organic fanatic since the '70's. Even their salt is natural Redmond. 

Merino's are considered one of the oldest breed of domesticated sheep. This super fine wooled line that I have has been organic since the 1980's and were used for star thistle biological control by the Dr.'s Olkowski's (the couple behind so much biological control of pests here in the western US).

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approx 1lb, frozen

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Viriditas Farm
Brooks, CA
Sally Fox of Viriditas Farm has been breeding and raising organic merino sheep for wool and meat since the early 1980s on her farm in the beautiful Capay Valley.Read more