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Wild Caught Coho Salmon, Tail Fillet

0.5 lb
$17.98 / lb
Wild Caught Coho Salmon, Tail Fillet

Notes From The Producer

Brought to you by Princess Seafood (motto: Girls Gone Wild for Wild Caught Seafood), an all female crewed, owned and operated company out of Alaska, these wild Coho are caught using hook and line only. They are cleaned and pressure bled immediately before being blast frozen and double glazed, all on the boat, to provide the freshest, highest quality frozen-at-sea product possible. Comes pin-bone in and skin-on.

Whole fish are then thawed and filleted and delivered to you! To see a video of the process and learn more about the F/V Princess and her crew check out this link:

Product Details

.5-.75lbs tail section fillet, arrives re-freshed, previously frozen.

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