Two X Sea

Whole Monterey Bay Squid (Frozen)

1 lb
$5.99 / lb
Whole Monterey Bay Squid (Frozen)

Notes From The Producer

TwoXSea's Whole Squid are sustainably caught in Monterey, CA. Squid has a firm, chewy texture and a mild, slightly sweet flavor that takes well to either super-quick cooking or long, slow braising. We love it grilled, fried, seared, or braised! Clean squid before cooking (TwoXSea recommends this video for guidance) and don't forget to save the ink sacs for coloring pastas and risottos.

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1lb whole squid, frozen.

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Two X Sea
San Francisco, CA
Founded in 2009, we aim to alter the way seafood is farmed, caught, and handled from fishery to plate. We believe in maintaining honesty and accountability in the seafood marketplace and fair pay for the fishing industry.Read more