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Roots Tonic

8 fl oz
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Roots Tonic

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Raw, unfiltered and probiotic so keep refrigerated.
The inspiration from our Roots Tonic comes from the medicine men of Jamaica. The Roots Tonic is a infusion of beneficial roots and barks fermented in different combinations to provide specific health and energetic results. Traditional Roots Tonics are often carbonated and used as an alternative or compliment to alcoholic drinks.

We craft a tea of roots and barks then blend it with a kombucha culture specifically cultivated with roots to give our Roots Tonic a slightly carbonated finish.  As with any kombucha use it is teeming with probiotics.

Our highly concentrated Roots Tonic is in a smaller size and best enjoyed in small portions.  Its very earthy flavor also complements fine rum and whiskey over ice.

Roots Tonic Kombucha

Ingredients: Organic Burdock, Organic Kombucha Culture (Organic Black Tea, Organic Sugar), Organic Ginger, Organic Mexican Sarsaparilla, *Wild Yam, Organic Flax Seed, *White Oak Bark, Organic Pau'd Arco Bark, Organic Molasses.

*wild crafted or organic

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