White Corn "Delgadas" Tortillas

Tortillas de la Tierra

White Corn "Delgadas" Tortillas

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White Corn "Delgadas" Tortillas

Notes From The Producer

Our tortillas are soft and moist and become pliable when reheated. Our white corn tortillas have a wonderful smooth texture and a delicate, subtle flavor. Great for tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and more!

To freeze, we recommend putting the tortillas in a ziplock bag and squeezing the air out.

Recommended methods of reheating refrigerated or frozen tortillas:

Microwave: wrap in a kitchen towel (if the tortillas are starting to dry out, you can use a damp towel) and microwave 30 seconds to 1:30 depending on how many tortillas you have inside. They will stay hot if kept inside the towel.
Steamer: wrap in a kitchen towel and steam for a few minutes. They will stay hot if kept inside the towel.
Stovetop: heat in a pan, optionally adding in a little water to soften the tortillas.
Toaster Oven/Oven: we haven't personally tested this, but customers have told us that wrapping tortillas in foil and warming them in the oven works well.

Details: handmade, our equipment is dedicated gluten-free.
Ingredients: organic corn masa harina, water, lime, baking soda.

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Taco size (approximately 4.25") tortillas

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