Tomatero Farm

Organic Small Celery

1 head
$1.27 / lb
Organic Small Celery

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Approx. 1.2 - 1.6 lb per head
This delicious kitchen staple comes with some beautiful greens that are perfect for soups! Trim the stalks into snack-size sticks, then eat as is or pair with dips like hummus, lemony yogurt, or (the classic!) peanut butter. We also love celery sliced thinly into salads and even sandwiches for a fantastic flavorful crunch.

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Tomatero Farm
Watsonville, CA
We began to farm out of a youthful aspiration to be inspired by what we do for a living. We are located in the Pajaro Valley, just south of Santa Cruz and 5 miles inland of the California coast. Our farm has been C.C.O.F. certified organic from the start in 2004.Read more