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Crystallized Ginger Medallions

8 oz
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Crystallized Ginger Medallions

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8 oz - filled to weight.
Tierra Farm's Crystallized Ginger Medallions pack a poignant punch of sweet and spicy flavor and is a natural anti-inflammatory, immune-booster, and can be used to alleviate indigestion or nausea. Not only is Organic Crystallized Ginger a delicious treat on its own, chopped ginger is a great addition to sweet and spicy breads, cookies and stir-fries! You can also steep this ginger in a cup of hot water for a delicious stomach-soothing tea.

Ingredients: organic ginger, organic cane sugar
Organically grown and processed in China. Processed in a peanut-free facility that handles soy, milk and tree nuts. 

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Tierra Farm
Albany, NY
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