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Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Ice Cream

1 pint
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Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Ice Cream

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Bittersweet Chocolate is Three Twins' standard chocolate ice cream, but there's really nothing standard about it. An abundance of organic cocoa makes it darker than most chocolate ice creams, and it also adds an incredibly rich flavor and texture. The milk, cream, sugar and eggs that Three Twins uses to make their clean, simple base form a blank palette on which to build this enticing flavor. They then add more organic cocoa than is standard. And, the twist: At a point where others consider their chocolate ice cream finished, they add the same organic vanilla extract that helps make so many of their other flavors so darn good. In fact, they actually add as much vanilla to their Bittersweet Chocolate as they put in their Madagascar Vanilla. 

Ingredients: Organic Milk, Organic Cream, Organic Fair Trade Certified Cane Sugar, Organic Fair Trade Certified Cocoa Powder Processed With Alkali, Organic Egg Yolks, Organic Nonfat Milk, Organic Fair Trade Certified Vanilla Extract.

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Three Twins Ice Cream
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Three Twins Ice Cream is organic, but not in a sprouts-and-flaxseed, hippy dippy kind of way. Instead, we craft classic flavors with surprising twists that make them our own.Read more