Theo Chocolate

Organic Peppermint Stick Dark Chocolate Bar

3 oz
$1.33 / oz
Organic Peppermint Stick Dark Chocolate Bar

Notes From The Producer

Sweetly nostalgic, this festive Organic Peppermint Stick Dark Chocolate Bar packs seasonal minty crunch into rich 70% dark chocolate. Plus, it's Fair for Life, made with fair-trade, organic, kosher and gluten-free ingredients. Tuck into stockings for chocolate-lovers of all ages, or share with family and friends for a holiday dessert.

 cocoa beans*, cane sugar*, brittle (cane sugar*, non-GMO corn syrup*, water, cocoa butter*, salt, baking soda), cocoa butter*, ground vanilla bean*, peppermint essential oil* (*organic).

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About The Producer

Theo Chocolate
Seattle, WA
For us, chocolate isn’t just a product, it’s a journey from bean to bar. And while its heart is with the beans themselves, and the places where they’re grown, lovingly referred to as our “origin,” what we do with those beans is just as important. For Theo, being a “bean to bar chocolate maker” goes beyond words on a label. To us, it means deliberate and thorough stewardship at every stage in the agricultural and manufacturing process. Our small batch production is truly an art form.Read more