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Mexican Chocolate Marshmallows

6 count
$1.29 / oz
Mexican Chocolate Marshmallows

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Six 1.5" x 1.5" hand-cut marshmallows
With a soft bouncy texture, elastic bite, and flecks of real vanilla bean, these hand-cut Mexican Chocolate Marshmallows are full of chocolatey flavor. They're made with kosher gelatin from grass-fed cows, and no corn syrup or other unpronounceable ingredients. Perfect for roasting, melting into hot chocolate, or nibbling right out of the package.

Ingredients: cane sugar, invert syrup (cane sugar, water, cream of tartar, kosher salt), water, cinnamon, organic cacao powder, kosher gelatin, koser salt, tapioca starch, potato starch, organic coconut oil* (*organic.
Contains: tree nuts.

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The Candy
Oakland, CA
The Candy creates handmade classic confection using only the best locally sourced and seasonal ingredients available. Free of corn syrups, chemicals, and artificial colors, we hope our bright, beautiful, and delicious confections bRing you immeasurable joy from our kitchen in Oakland, California. Read more